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Kuan Chuan Chemical Industries Ltd. (KCC) since 1973.
Situated at No.175, Sec.3, Nan Shan Rd., Lu-Chu Hsiang, Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan R.O.C.

KCC inherit from Mr. Yang Bo Lee who have great contribution of dyeing techniques in Taiwan, and to quote dyeing techniques from Japan Sumitomo Chemical in 1953, also to establish a specialized factory for dyeing industries , our main production of "Fluorescent Whitening Agent" (many country to call O.B.A.) was for textile, detergent and pulp (paper) used.

In view of the pulp (paper) industry was rising and flourishing in these years, so we zealous to open up and develop the "Fluorescent Whitening Agent" application to pulp (paper) industry, and to build a branch factory since 1999, so our maximum of output is the most in Taiwan.

  "SUNPEITIN" is a series of our products name, for textile, detergent and pulp (paper) used, Whitening Agent" different from Bleaching Agents, because the "Fluorescent Whitening Agent" can not to destroy organize of fiber, to result brittleness in fiber, still more can not to injure skin of body, so it's a safely dyeing.